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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 17, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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apologized to jackson and britney spears for what he says was, not respecting them in a system that condones misogyny ad racism. but your dancing shoes on for the control album, which contains hits like what have you done for me lately. >> dana: 35 years, i'm feeling the age. that's it for us, special report is up next. >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight come at the of the conservative icon, rush limbaugh that ignited conservative talk radio and change the american political landscape has died. he was 70 years old. last night he told his listeners he was diagnosed with lung cancer. he used unbounded enthusiasm along with humor and intellect to entertain millions on more than 600 radio stations for decades. limbaugh was controversial, drawing the wrath of democrats and others, jokingly calling himself the most dangerous man
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in america. we began our coverage tonight with media analyst, howard kurtz. >> good evening, it's hard to think of everyone media figure who has accomplished so much, saving am radio, galvanizing right, drawing so much flack, and did it for decades. >> he changed the face of broadcasting created the talk radio industry with imitators and every saturday. one time kansas city royals publicist became a national radio force coming up. credited by a new kenrick with helping republicans win the house. >> i'm in congress today because of rush limbaugh. >> he was a constant critic of bill clinton and barack obama who often fired back, there were relentless attacks and what he called the drive-by media. because they've chosen sides, become a political activist.
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>> he thrived on controversy and could be divisive with his attacks on feminist and environmental wackos. he was entertaining and unstoppable continuing his show after near total hearing loss in 2001. he was able to compensate with a cochlear implant. he lost his brief stint as an analyst over comments about a black quarterback beard that same year he acknowledged in addiction to painkillers. >> i will check myself into a treatment center. >> he apologized to law student in 2012 her calling her a disparaging name in a dispute over birth control. >> he was part policy law, part satirist, a celebrity with a visceral connection to his vast audience. >> by virtue of your listening to my radio show and being active in this movement that we all cherish and love, you have
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meant more to me, my family, and my life than whatever it is i might mean to you even though i know that's considerable. >> he slowly warmed to candidate donald trump initially saying he was not a true conservative. >> and recognition in all of you've done for our nation. >> after his diagnosis, he was awarded the medal of freedom and remembered him today. >> he was a fantastic man, a fantastic talent, and people, whether they loved him or not, they respected him. >> they said he was shocked 13 months ago when he developed stage four lung cancer, but was determined to continue his show and till he was physically able. >> he would call out journalist by name, that was where the time. he was a magnet for conservatives hungry for an alternative to the media establishment. three hours a day it was just
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him, the mike, the colors. it his enormous influence rooted in sheer force of personality. >> i'm proud to announce tonight you will be receiving our country's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. [applause] >> my point in everything today that i share about this is to say thanks, and to tell everybody involved how much i love you from the bottom of a sizable and growing and still beating heart. there's room for much more, all because i've learned what love really is during this period >>
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from today on, there will be a tremendous void in our lives, and of course, on the radio. >> announcement made by catherine his wife, first to his listeners before the press release went out. let's bring in our panel, opinion editor for "the washington times," mollie hemingway, and harold ford jr., former tennessee congressman. let me start with you, charlie. are your thoughts, reflections, not only on the man, but also the legacy, and the power of his voice. >> it's a tremendous legacy, to be sure. he was obviously a very bombastic guy, very entertaining guy, a guy that gave voice to millions of people. the word i would use to describe him more than anything else was one of humility. his entire world to view was one of humility.
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he was somebody that believed that those millions and millions of dittoheads out there, no kidding, no government, no president could tell them how to live their lives better than they could. he gave them boys. of course, a lot of people -- especially on the left, they would go crazy about this because they thought he was arrogant, they thought he was self-aggrandizing -- even the marvelous line of his about how his talent was all from god was actually a very humble statement because after all, isn't all talent on loan from god? it's just kind of up to us what we do with it. >> bret: molly, your thoughts? >> there's no more prominence to conservatives that represented the right half of the country route then rush limbaugh. if you didn't listen to him at length, you don't understand what a giant he was in the
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broadcast industry, how he was able to connect with his listeners three hours a day five days a week for decades. you could run out of superlatives eulogizing him, but he gave an entire generation of americans a way to think and talk about the politics and meaning of america, and that he gave the people a vocabulary to fight back against a portion of the left that has grown increasingly anti-american and aggressively totalitarian. at this man is a giant, it was great to see how he talked about the love he had for his listeners. that love is definitely repaid by those listeners who learn so much and to gain so much over his decades of broadcast excellence. the one i had him on the show many times, talking about the state of the country at that point. it take a listen. >> bret: have you seen the country this divided? >> not in my lifetime, no.
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obviously, it was greatly divided during the civil war, but i think one of the reasons why the country is divided the way it is now, is i think the media is a central figure. they media use to at least pretend they were not a participant in the ongoing events of the country, they were casual observers that were fair and objective, but they are not anymore. they've chosen sides, they've become political activists. and such, there isn't any news anymore. >> there's no love lost with democrats in rush limbaugh over the years, you could see that online today. there was a respect, especially in washington among democrats about the power of his voice and ability to cut through the noise. >> my prayers go out to his family. his point they are on your show, one of his more recent
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interviews about people watching the news to be affirmed more than informed. i think it's without question a part of a big media legacy. i didn't agree with rush limbaugh that much at all, but i respected what he was able to do. if he built forum for economic marginalized americans, mostly white working-class americans to share their ideas of how the government wasn't working with them enough toward their end goal. unlike a lot of people who have a moment, he was able to turn it into, not only a movement but a political class. president trump embraced that movement and class he built and rode it to be white house. he will be missed by conservatives. he will be missed by them got to want to go after him. sometimes i didn't agree with him, but i admire him for what he was able to get accomplished. i hope democrats and republicans
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alike take what's most important about him from him, which is don't forget the betrayed, forgot, and marginalized in our society whatever they may look like. it turned out to behave, vengeful, try to help them. on his best days, that's what he tried to do. >> bret: there's a lot we will never know about all the help of russia gave two other people he never talked about. it's pretty amazing. i want to leave you with this, don't give up on america. this is from a few months ago. >> people call here, you always told us it would be a good time to panic. is it a time to panic? it's never going to be time to panic. we are never going to give up. you're not going to give up on america. i'm not, i don't think most of you are either. america is worth it, it's worth fighting for, it's worth not giving up. >> bret: it not giving up,
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panel, thank you, we will see you later in the show. please log on to fox nation tonight for an exclusive election of shows. rush limbaugh, his words, his final interview and a hannity special on rush limbaugh. ♪ ♪ there appears to be no let up in winter's wrath tonight across most of the u.s., more than 100 million americans live in the areas covered by some type of weather warning watch or advisory right now. at least 24 people have died while some struggling to find warmth inside homes that have no electricity. the power problem is particularly acute in texas because of rolling blackouts they are. frustration with that and other southern states not used to the cold is rising tonight. we check in with corresponding
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casey stegall live in dallas. >> good evening, day three, soon night three for about 2.6 million texans. that's the latest tally who still have no power, no heat, and some of them, no water as more winter weather has made up bad problems worse and more deadly. water cascaded down the side of an apartment complex in austin after prosing to frozen pipes busted open. he may be one of the lucky ones. it's because they're trying to keep everybody in the center of the house where it's warm. >> added a rare retirement home in georgetown, texas, 13 seniors huddled around space heaters powered by a generator. >> each one has a shirt on, a sweatshirt, and a sweater. >> generators are a lifeline, but can be deadly. a carbon monoxide calls are up all across the state as people run them in enclosed spaces or
3:13 pm
try to burn whatever they can to stay warm. >> we've been without power for at least eight hours. >> one family of four in sugar land, texas, died in a cold related fire. >> incredibly tragic. the medical examiner has requested extra space with a refrigerated morgue truck. >> it's been three days now of temperatures at near record lows. in some places, 11, 12, 13 degrees. i don't think you should be surprised by this. >> people lined up for hours to get what they can, propane, food and water from sometimes fair shelves. >> we lost our water, that's why i'm in here. >> the entire city of houston now under a boil water advisory. the second storm to hit texas in a week, then tracked east causing problems across the south like alabama. >> it's been a busy day for emergency services, crews, teams across the commonwealth.
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>> it also wreaked havoc in kentucky were heavy snow and ice downed power lines. the federal government is reaching out to help. because they continue to monitor the situation in texas as well as other states in the storm's path that may be impacted. >> once these snow melts, many will continue demand answers for why so many were without power for so long. >> texas governor holding a press conference not too long ago where he said that the weather that did the damage is moving out, but warns it will still be several more days before people thought out. if the temperatures forecasted for next week, mid-to-late 60s. >> bret: we will watch this, thank you. at the fallout over the covid nursing home scandal keeps getting worse for new york democratic governor. members of his own party are accusing him of a serious crime. a correspondent brian yunus tells us what that is from
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new york tonight. >> new york governor andrew cuomo in a news conference today attack the personal integrity of democratic assemblyman ron kim who is pushing for cuomo to be investigated. >> my office, more than me, has had a long and hostile relationship with ron ken. he has a meeting last week with other legislators. on tape, he says positive things. there's then a story that moves in "the new york post" where he says the exact opposite. >> tim is 1 of 9 state democrats who signed a letter accusing cuomo of obstruction of justice, urging their democratic colleagues to strip the governor of his covid-19 emergency powers and setting the stage for possible impeachment. the letter reading, it's now unambiguously clear that they've engaged in obstruction of justice. this is a necessary first step in beginning to write the criminal wrongs of this governor and his administration.
3:16 pm
we implore you to set aside any concerns of loyalty or disloyalty to this governor over this matter is politicized. reportedly admitted to democratic lawmakers in a private meeting they withheld releasing the total number of nursing home residents killed by coronavirus for fear it would be used against them in a federal investigation by the trump administration. assemblyman kim was in that meeting. >> she implicated herself of committing potential cover appeared >> after speaking out, tim claims cuomo personally called him last week to threaten his career by not covering up for melissa derosa. cuomo warned him that he hadn't seen his wrath, and that he can destroy me. in a statement tonight, governor cuomo's office says kim is lying. if the governor never called him to threaten -- never threatened to destroy him in that phone
3:17 pm
call. meanwhile, cuomo claims there's no need for investigation because there's no cover up. >> bret: brian, thank you. president biden is discussing his economic policy with union leaders, a major part of his support base today. some progresses are on ev with the president's comments last night about many agenda items which they feel may not be getting priority treatment. kristin fisher has details tonight. >> president biden sitting down in the oval office with his good friend. including the president of the powerful afl-cio. trump has been critical of the president for canceling the keystone pipeline saying it cost thousands of good paying union jobs. now he and other leaders are hoping those green jobs the administration has been promising would materialize, along with the massive investment infrastructure. >> we have an incredible
3:18 pm
opportunity to make some enormous progress and creating jobs, good paying jobs, prevailing wage jobs to rebuild infrastructure of this country in a way that needs to be done. >> the cancellation of the pipeline into other day when executive actions were big wins for progressives. in wisconsin last night, president biden were repeatedly flexed his more moderate muscle. first, he reiterated he does not want to defund the police. >> president biden: we have to put more money into police work so we have legitimate community policing. >> the president also made it explicitly clear that he's willing to negotiate on one of the centerpieces of his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill. >> isaac moore a $50 minimum wage, but that's debatable. >> not up for debate, elizabeth elizabeth warren to forgive
3:19 pm
student debt. >> president biden: i will not make that happen. it depends on whether or not you go to a private university or public university. to speak of the president says he supports canceling up to $10,000 in debt, but no more. prompting some progressives to vent their frustrations on on twitter. congresswoman and juice alexandra because he, who cares what school you went to, entire generations of working-class kids were encouraged to go into more debt under the guise of elitism. if this is wrong. at the biden administration admits they are vaccinating on average 1.7 million americans every day. that's up from 1 million just one month ago. if i put president biden to blow past his goal of 100 million shots during his first days. they need to move even faster if they're going to meet the goal of vaccinating nearly all american adults by the end of the summer. if you to live on the north on, thank you.
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stocks mistake, the dow gained an i.d. to hit another record close. the nass talk dropped 82. when we come back, new problems for the anti-trump packs, the lincoln project. ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music) (loud music & noises) ♪ ♪ (quiet piano music) comfort in the extreme. the lincoln family of luxury suvs.
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♪ ♪
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>> bret: we are learning additional details about just how long the leaders from the anti-trump pack, the lincoln project were aware of sexual harassment allegations. gillian turner has tonight's update. >> the group of former the lincoln project employees say leadership knew about dozens of sexual harassment allegations against cofounder for months but stayed silent. if they allowed weaver untethered access to young men, if the leadership knew he was a serial predator in march 2020, but continued to place interns recommended by weaver in spring and summer, they knowingly put some of us under lgbtq colleagues in danger. sarah valenti agrees, saying leadership did know about allegations a year ago but stifled them in order to continue raking in millions of donation dollars to fight former president trump's reelection. the top republican operatives predict the boom times are over. it's because they are going to try to go back and clean it up
3:25 pm
for -- to protect themselves legally. it will have no practical effect. and no one will be giving them money. it's because there's no way it will continue. >> they are learning the cofounders brought in millions to the super pac, one of them quietly launched a side group called project yellowstone that appears to have directly stipend money from the lincoln project and into its own pocket. according to financial disclosures, about $24 million. a former chair of the house oversight committee said the lincoln project donors would have zero insight into how that money was spent. >> it appears as if -- as much is half of the money was just going to the founders pocket. it wasn't actually going into campaigns. if they ran very feckless campaigns. >> in addition to financial trouble and criminal charges that may result from the weaver allegations, resources told the lincoln project could face lawsuits from angry donors.
3:26 pm
it's the thank you, mixed messaging comes from the biden white house, peter doocy reports. first, let's hear from the fox affiliates around the country. fox 29 in philadelphia, a dilapidated building that once i was the trump plaza hotel and casino crumbles to the ground during an implosion at atlantic city. crowds of people gathered on the beach to get a front row seat. others congregated in a field more than two hours away. please find the body of a computer programmer who is missing for more than a month in his apartment building. a 50-year-old christopher whitehill had last been seen on surveillance footage january 8th, autopsy is pending. at this is a live look at honolulu from k hon, one of the big stories there tonight, the reunion of a 5-year-old retired military dog with her original handler and trainer. a marine sergeant reunited
3:27 pm
thanks to efforts of a nonprofit organization. that is tonight's live look outside from special report, looking good in honolulu. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ liberty mutual customizes- wait... am i in one of those liberty mutual commercials where they stand in front of the statue of liberty and talk about how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? uhhh... yes. huh... what happens in this one? seagulls. oh, i like it. how are you doing? (seagulls sounds) only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ the lexus es, now available with all-wheel drive. this rain is bananas.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: there is growing confusion tonight over what the new administration intends to do, what exactly about getting children and teachers back in their classrooms, and just how long you are being asked to wear a mask. president biden is sending mixed messages tonight. peter doocy takes a look. >> president biden was very public with his ask for masks. >> president biden: i will be asking the american people to wear a mask for the first 100 days in my administration. because there was even a countdown. >> the first hundred days, that's 90 days. >> president biden: if we wear masks between now and the end of april, the expert says we can save 50,000 lives. >> 100 days is closer to 300 days. >> next christmas we will be in a different circumstance, god willing. i think it will be significantly fewer people having to be
3:32 pm
socially distanced, having to wear masks. >> another change, his position on sending kids back to school. >> they may be open for one day a week. it >> president biden: that's not true, that's what was reporting. at that was a mistake in the communication. >> he is goal is to have the majority of schools, more than 50%, open by day 100 of his presidency. at least one day a week. >> if that's not the plan, what is? >> i said opening the majority of schools in k-8 grade, because they are the easiest to open. to speak of the vice president most say whether she agrees with the cdc guidance that teachers don't need to be vaccinated. >> can you reassure teachers that it safe for them to go back to school even if they are not vaccinated. >> teachers to be a priority. >> this wasn't supposed be so complicated.
3:33 pm
>> president biden: democratic leaders are ready to get this done. mr. president, where are you? >> now president trump is in palm beach. at those democratic leaders who biden claims were all set to pass a deal with money to reopen schools back in september still work up the street. now a month into biden's term, no deal. it's been one peter doocy in the white house briefing room, thank you. tonight americans are asking how much longer national guard troops will remain in the washington, d.c. they are pushing for an end to the deployment. and now some democrats are joining them. john griffin has details tonight from the pentagon. >> good evening, 6,000 national guards remain localized to guard the u.s. capitol and monuments. blocks of fencing and razor wire remain around the capitol. lawmakers want to know, when are they going home? the pentagon's top officials describe the threat.
3:34 pm
>> at this time, i'm not aware of a threat that is out there, but that involves all the time, congressman. we have to work closely with our federal law enforcement partners. >> defense officials told me they originally planned to keep the guard in d.c. following that spike you in on supporters to march 4th the traditional inauguration date until 1937. >> some of these people figured out that 75 years ago the president used to be inaugurated on march 4th. okay, why that's relevant, god knows. at any rate, they are thinking maybe we should gather again and got stomachs from the capitol on march 4th. if that is circulating online. >> the trump international hotel in d.c. has more than doubled its roommates to more than $1,000 a night for march 3rd and 4th. some lawmakers are asking, could these guards be better used elsewhere?
3:35 pm
more national guards are being sought nation wide for taxes. it fema has requested more than 10,000 national guard, even some democrats are starting to question why the national guard is still standing watch, and how long they will be so blinded by fencing and razor wire. let's do this sooner, there's no need for the severe of a locked down, having a quick reaction force nearby and actually listening to the intelligence will keep us safe. national guard leaders say they have enough troops, but as one u.s. defense official put it to me, the u.s. troops are expensive security guards. the mission so far has cost almost $500 million. >> bret: thank you. up next, it's a ash wednesday unlike any other, we will show you how covid changed this season's lunch. some of these stories making news beyond our borders. prince philip is admitted to a
3:36 pm
hospital, a precautionary measure to the 99-year-old husband of queen elizabeth. he's expected to remain there for a few days. at the tokyo 20/20 organizing committee is asking japan's female olympics ministered to be it's a new president following the resignation of the former leader over comments deemed sexist. yoshihiro morey, quick as the president last week after saying women talk too much. japan is beginning about their vaccination effort, meantime, as the game is drawing after a year-long delay due to the pandemic. a painting by winston churchill given to then president franklin d. roosevelt is expected to fetch up to three and a half million dollars when it sold at an auction next month. it churchill painted the tower of the mosque following the casablanca conference which both
3:37 pm
leaders attended. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we will be right back. ♪ ♪ you're on it. you may think you're doing all you can to manage type 2 diabetes and heart disease... but could your medication do more to lower your heart risk? jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so, it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and jardiance lowers a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare but life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, ketoacidosis or an allergic reaction, and don't take it if you're on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack?
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the most adventurous forester ever. (vo) get 0% for 63 months on select new 2021 models. now through march 1st. ♪ ♪ >> bret: into night's focus on faith, christians are observing ash wednesday in different ways because of the coronavirus pandemic. president biden received his ashes from reverend brian mcdermott at georgetown the university today. tonight, correspondent lauren green looks at how the faithful are making their adjustments. >> ash wednesday begins a new 40 day period to back of the christian calendar leading up to easter. as another holy tradition altered by the pandemic. as to how to administer the sacred ashes normally received in the form of a cross on the forehead.
3:42 pm
priests are to say the sacred words, remember you are dust and to dust you will return, once for all in attendance. then with face mask and sanitized hands, put the ashes on in silence, sanitizing their hands after each one. altering centuries of tradition, the vatican gave the new option to mix the ashes with holy water on the head appeared >> with the ashes reminding us that we must do penance for our sins and prepare our souls to meet god. >> parishioners are given the ashes on the forehead for the sanitized q-tip which will be thrown into the trash and later burned as the sacred elements. some others are creating more creative waves. >> one of these for every household in the parish. >> at st. paul's episcopal church in new jersey, ash wednesday is diy. at the ashes come in a baggie,
3:43 pm
the parishioners can follow along online and give themselves or others in their household the ashes. >> they faced a new set of circumstances, and find ways to continue to preach the gospel, learn together. >> the method of delivery has been altered, but the meaning of ash wednesday has not. in new york, lauren green, fox news. >> news over seas now, iran's supreme leader says they will return to the nuclear deal with the west as soon as the u.s. does. a statement comes as iran threatens to expel united nations inspectors that the u.s. does not lift economic stations by monday. they have finally spoken by phone, the announcement of that call came first by the israelis. he tweeted the conversation was friendly and warm, but the two
3:44 pm
sides, and will work together to strengthen their alliance. when we come back, the panel returns to discuss president biden's strategy for the coronavirus pandemic. >> president biden: a year from now, i think there will be significantly fewer people having to be socially distant, having to wear a mask. ♪ ♪ introducing schwab stock slices. for as little as $5, now anyone can own companies in the s&p 500, even if their shares cost more. at $5 a slice, you could own ten companies for $50 instead of paying thousands. all commission free online. schwab stock slices: an easy way to start investing or to give the gift of stock ownership. schwab. own your tomorrow. my heart failure diagnosis changed my priorities. i want time for the people i love.
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♪ ♪ >> do you think that by the end of this year you and i will be able to walk down the street without a mask? >> it would be foolish for me to project. >> president biden: by next christmas, we will be in a very different circumstance, god willing, then we are today. a year from now, i think there could be significantly fewer people having to be socially distanced, having to wear masks, but we don't know. i don't want to overpromise anything. >> bret: doesn't want to overpromise, a year from now. meantime, answers on vaccinations and teachers and getting back to class if the toasters don't have vaccinations also tough to get at.
3:49 pm
>> can you reassure teachers that are listening that it is safe for them to go back to school even if they are not vaccinated? >> teachers should be a priority. >> is it safe for them? >> it so important that we passed the american rescue plan. >> i don't want to beat it to death, but i know teachers are listening, the cdc says they don't have to be vaccinated to go back to school. >> we think they should be a priority. >> bret: we are back with the panel. harold, molly, charlie -- what about this and the communication back and forth about the president saying the one day a week goal mentioned by jen psaki by schools, that was wrong. it seems like they are going back and forth on some of these issues. >> they've had quite a few messaging problems, whether it's about vaccine distribution, how long you have to wear masks, or about returning children to
3:50 pm
school. you saw what kamala harris stayed right there was walk back what president biden had said last night. he gave remarks that that they were pushing to have children returned to school. she says, teachers are the priority. so much of this policy is about what teachers unions, not really teachers, but teachers unions are demanding. they are wanting goodies and things they have long demanded long before there was any type of coronavirus pandemic. at some point, though, communities and policy leaders are going to have to care less about teachers unions, and more about these students. parents of a big role to play here. they've been tolerating it for a year now. they either need to be removing children from government schools or have teacher unions removed from being the only people who get to set our policy on whether children get to be in the schools are not. and i'm seeing increasing numbers of progressives saying,m done. i have to get my kids back to
3:51 pm
school. the science is the size. >> i've said for some time that it would seem smart to me, i want my kids back in school, too. we need to spend the money and invest in the ventilation and testing for the teachers, they should move to the top of the list. i think the messaging at the white house, there ought to be a meeting first thing in the morning so everyone from the same page. it let's not allow these inconsistency's and the messaging cloud and the things. more schools are opening, they are moving more towards opening. i would agree with anyone who believes that if you're a member of any organization, union or whatever and you get vaccinated and your school is scientifically safe, if you choose not to be in the classroom, there ought to be repercussions for those teachers. the bidens got 200 million additional vaccines. there's no doubt that distribution has been slow and
3:52 pm
cumbersome, but we will have 600 million vaccines which will allow more americans to be vaccinated. if that's how we get out of the nonsense we are in, the mess that we are in, and to the frustration. they have to pass a couple of reliefs packages. a majority of the country supports the covid relief package because it's helped so many every day hardworking americans. the wealthiest in the country seem to be better. >> bret: all kinds of things get in there, minimum wage and other things. we will see. kudos to savannah guthrie for continuing to press the vice president on that. if that hasn't happened that much in this media environment that we are in. if you look through the prism of what the trump administration would be going through if they had the messaging back and forth we've seen over the past few days, it would be a different coverage, let's say.
3:53 pm
>> i think slightly. it turns out governing through a pandemic is a difficult proposition. it's why i've always believed that politicizing the pandemic was a very dangerous and risky thing for democrats to try to do very early on from the very beginning, in fact. it's complicated. it now what we're seeing is the biden administration doesn't really have all that many brilliant ideas about what to do, except it may be where more masks, wear them longer, wear them until there are federal buildings requiring double masks, they have officers when you walk in policing people whether they are wearing their masks are not. the truth of the matter is, what's really happening here is the pandemic is taking its course, the virus is taking its course, and of course, the warp speed inoculations are apparently working. you have the biden
3:54 pm
administration very much sounding like they are trying to take credit for that when in fact, it's important to remember that joe biden before he became president got the injection himself. obviously, that was a tremendous, wonderful legacy of the previous administration. >> breaking news i was referencing, one report out of new york, reporting that the fbi is probing the cuomo administration on its handling of covid-19 in nursing homes in the early stages. we are trying to get more granularity on that reporting. if true, that would suggest it's a different place. >> there should be some accountability for what happened to new york. it's really stunning how different this is from what we are told all year, that cuomo was such a giant in taking care of coronavirus in his state. he was winning awards, writing books, healed at the democratic convention, none of that should've been done. >> bret: thank you, when we
3:55 pm
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♪ ♪ >> bret: thanks for inviting us in to your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime," host rachel campos duffy starts in a moment but we leave you tonight with final thoughts on rush limbaugh. he exploded in the talk radio scene in the late 1980s with a national show that entertained millions daily but he soon became more than a radio personality. rush branched out to live events, books, television. in many ways he led the conservative political movement for three decades. his words became iconic to the supporters and the legion and the detractors and there were many. and often har for the criticism. before social media there was rush. every day at 12:00 noon eastern making fun of his opponents, lavishing braise on
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the brethren and getting your attention. cutting through the noise. he watched this show. his definition of unafraid. he loved to say he had talent on loan from god. tonight, god has that talent back. rush hudson limbaugh iii. ♪ ♪ good evening welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm rachel campos-duffy. tonight we are remembering rush. it's impossible to overstate significance of rush limbaugh on american culture and politics. today every media outlet tried to explain his place in broadcast and the modern political history. some respectfully, others not so much. those taking cheap shots today can't explain rush because they never understood him. and they will never get rush the way we conservatives do. they can't fathom the love we have for him. or the trust we put in him and the way he


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